What We Do

At Dash Freight Systems, we offer a variety of services to meet the needs of each individual shipment. 

All services are personally managed by your Dash Project Manager, who will work with you to development a shipment plan, track your cargo, manage any changes and keep you updated with the status of your essential cargo.



We provide our flexible local and international freight concierge services. Our team offers a range of concierge services to meet your requirements. We are here to provide solutions and help you with your corporate and industrial shipping needs.

 Freight Forwarding

We supply our clients with deliveries of urgent shipments ahead of schedule via air and land. We are ready to deliver on your shipment needs. We have freight delivery by land and by air for just in time delivery. We have specialized options for your time-critical and urgent cargo and are looking forward to helping you with your needs.

 Customs Brokerage

We expedite the shipping of products around the world for leading brands. We offer brokerage services and provide pickup and delivery services internationally. We ship around the globe so that wherever you are you can get the best.

 Passenger Air Charter

We determine the best charter solutions for your shipment needs, as well as provide aircraft to to ensure that your cargo arrives on time. We will supply you with our jets on standby for all your transportation needs. Our air charter provides you with options for cargo that is time sensitive and fragile.

 ATA Carnets

Our company has an ATA Carnet. This allows us to import your goods tax-free and duty-free into multiple countries. We will use this to our advantage to make sure your shipments are delivered quickly and effectively.


Our cargo insurance provides protection against all risks of physical loss or damage caused by any external cause during the shipping process. Our main goal is to ensure that your cargo will reach its destination without any damage to it. Your shipments are important to us, so please let us know if your package needs to be handled specially.


We provide excellent pallet storing, pick & pack, and outsourced warehousing for clear and consistent prices. We employ a enterprise-grade management system in the warehouse, as well as affordable and effective pick, pack, and ship processes.

 Packing & Crating

We yield superior solutions for boxes, skids, pallets, packaging, crating, & storage. We deliver our valued clients with high quality packaging solutions, efficient loading, and damage prevention. For your more specific packaging necessities, we offer custom solutions that we are happy to assist you with and will help you with even your most demanding packaging needs.

 Logistics Services

We have the expertise necessary to guide you in the logistics of your shipments. Our plan is to enhance the transportation of your cargo and to better coordinate with you on your shipment decisions. We provide you with expert planning and the resources required for success.

 Tour Planning

We will deliver theatrical equipment and ensure security and timely transport for entertainment/production managers. We make sure all of the equipment and products will make it to the right place on time. We will deliver whatever gear you require, as your satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.


Our team at Dash Freight Systems will use the Just-In-Time management strategy to increase efficiency and ensure on time delivery. We will use this system to deliver your shipments on time and in prime condition.

 Time Critical

For your time sensitive shipments, we will be sure to deliver them immediately. Our systems allow us to deliver your time critical cargo to the right place at the right time. If you have any specific requests or requirements regarding your shipments we will be happy to provide you with specialized solutions.