Keeping time-sensitive assets and shipments moving across the US and beyond is the chief challenge of logistics providers across all sectors.

Dash has succeeded where other providers have failed. Our considerable expertise in delivering time-sensitive freight solutions to broad range of our clients in our focus industries.  Our dedicated team of  specialists understands the unique requirements of moving fragile items quickly and carefully. We use training, special vehicles, and custom packaging to ensure all items are protected during transportation.

Entertainment – Movies: Cameras, sets, props, costumes, film
Entertainment – TV: Sets, Props, cameras, costumes, film
Entertainment – Theatres: Distribution of signage and displays
Entertainment – Celebrities: Courier and hand-delivery of household goods, jewelry, contracts
Tradeshow Services: Booths, props, signage, equipment, collateral
Manufacturing: Equipment, machinery, tools, parts, finished goods
Consumer Electronics & High Tech: Packaging, equipment, components, finished goods
Auto / Truck / Aviation Parts: Components, tools, equipment, machinery
Professional & Consumer Supplies: Finished goods, inventory, packaging, materials, supplies

  • Music Touring
  • Corporate & Branded Events
  • Sports
  • Performing Arts
  • TV Broadcast & Video Production
  • Tradeshows, Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Special Projects

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